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Looking to join scentsy at $39.00

Host a Online Party to Earn A free product and 2 half price items one being a perpetual Party Reward if you host a online party and still get those items delivered to you, as long as the party closes at 200 PRV, which is around 200$. or if you do , you qualify for a smaller kit at 59.00 dollars to join, in which you can use the Free rewards to join at 39.00 and you get this starter kit. Message Me Today to get you started!

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Reasons To Join My Hustler Team

 The products are amazing!


Join Scentsy and carry the wonderful aroma from your home to your office that will always smell amazing. You can decorate any warmer or plugins in almost every room of any office or house. When taking trips or traveling, Scent Pak in your car. So much variety to choose from for fragrance and aroma.... I love the scents and so will you. Scentsy has so many quality products you can use on a daily basis. Learn about the product.

 Join my Scentsy team to build a passive income.

You will get paid to buy the amazing products that you enjoy sniffing.
When you host your own parties, you can also earn free and half-price Scentsy products. Scentsy has so much amazing product that they sell themselves when you share the information on the products.

Your The Boss!

Your a shot caller. You decide how much or little work your want to put in, when, and where to run your business. You can do scentsy Part Time or you can do it Full Time for a living.

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 Meet people and travel!

Since I have been with scentsy i have meet and made many new friends, being new consultants and team members, to new customers. Doing Scentsy has helped me with my people skills and communication. Being with scentsy, I was able to travel to places I have not been to. I have had the privilege to attend several Scentsy World Tours and meet new people every time I go...

 My Hustler team will support you!

Me and my team like to communicate and share ideas, new training questions, marketing strategies through a Facebook group, messenger, texts, meetings or zoom calls. My Team is always there to help and answer any questions. If you join my team, We will be committed to helping you become successful! Contact us!!

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Nirma Mendez Martinez
Independent Scentsy Consultant