How much does it cost?
It just costs $99 (plus shipping and tax) to join as a consultant for Scentsy. This amount covers the cost of the start-up kit which contains everything you need to get started – including tons of product and business supplies – a value of over $200! Plus new consultants receive three months free for their very own personal website (and it only costs $15 per month after that); free training; and much more!!

How much will I make?
You will earn a 20% commission on sales up to $1,000 cumulative points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV, which is about $1=1pt depending on your country). In the month you reach 1,000 cumulative points in PRV, you will be paid 25% commission for that month and every month forward. If you sell 2,000 PRV in a month, you will also get a 5% bonus. Also, if you establish a team through sponsorship of a down line and have $500 PRV in a given month, you can earn up to a 9% bonus on your wholesale amount (75% of your personal PRV), as well as your team’s wholesale sales total.

Is there a minimum amount I have to sell each month?
No, but you must sell at least $200 in one month out of every three months for each Scentsy brand you represent. The best way to sell is to find hosts to host parties – whether in home, through a basket/ catalog party, or even online. If you do not sell the $200 in a single month during the three month timeframe, your consultant status will end and any down line will roll up to your current sponsor.

Do I need to recruit?
Recruiting will help you climb in rank and receive bonuses, so I highly recommend it. In order to get past the Certified rank, you will need team members. This is the way to truly build a great income generating direct sales business. If you don’t want to recruit, you don’t have to; you can just sell the product. But you are missing an entire aspect of the business, as you can build down line in ALL brands the Scentsy Family has to offer – Scentsy Fragrance.

How do I get paid?
Scentsy will send you a Visa Compensation Card. Each month on the 9th, your commission on your PRV sales from the prior month and any override bonuses will be posted to the Scentsy Pay Portal where you can either transfer it to your personal bank account (this can take 3-5 business days), or you can automatically load the funds onto your Compensation Card, or split it among several accounts.

Do I have to maintain inventory?
No. In fact, Scentsy discourages consultants from buying and maintaining product inventory, instead encouraging you to focus on building an effective network to which to market and sell Scentsy products. Scentsy Standards indicate that 70% of product purchases should be directly attributable to customer sales, however, you are allowed to purchase for authorized “cash and carry” events. Some consultants do maintain small inventories of wax and bulbs to service existing clients, but you will never be asked or required to maintain an inventory of Scentsy products.

What kind of support is available for new consultants?
Scentsy provides a wealth of free training on the Scentsy workstation – provided to consultants free of charge. But, more than that, the Scentsy culture of “Give More Than You Take” has led to a terrific consultant support structure that spans across the Scentsy Family. Support is readily available through your direct up line (me as your sponsor, my sponsor and director, and her upline), and through what we call the Scentsy Sister Network (that also includes a number of Scentsy Brothers as well!). The level of support and sharing among Scentsy consultants is truly incredible. And, while you are in business for yourself, you don’t have to be in business by yourself.

Results may not be typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure provided by Scentsy.